Intelligent search

iYantras’ Intelligent Search involves machine learning algorithm which minimizes the search results as being only exact and relevant. It offers many new insights in searching apart from usual keyword search which makes the process of searching more advanced and easier.

Our intelligent search technology is highly accurate and our optical character technologies can even convert images and photographs into editable and searchable text which helps our clients in making search even more quick and rapid. It can also look up for particulars like organizations, locations and people.

With our solution our clients can make searching more viable and easier. Iyantras’ intelligent Search allows users to explore their business data quickly and securely accessing both structured and unstructured information using a standard search interface. It not only searches existing content, but dynamically it creates queries based on search terms which refine your query to find the most relevant information.

It also supports an organization or industry widely in finding relevant files or documents. Intelligent search can be used for safety purposes in terms of document verification and other ID recognition. This search technology provides image-based, multi lingual and audio based search which in turn makes searching, more interesting and accessible.

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