Computer Vision

Computer vision examines and processes images to recover useful information from plain two dimensional pictures.  Iyantras’ computer vision solutions are based on decades of research in the field of artificial intelligence and Machine vision.  

Knowledge about the object or scene present in the image is analyzed and classified with Iyantras’ computer vision technology which then delivers profitable information to our clients that eventually leads to the up-gradation in their businesses.  

Our solutions have advanced technology that can perform instant detection & extraction of Machine Readable information from Passport ID, Driver’s License etc in the fastest and most accurate manner which has found its wide usage in many platforms. We offer our solutions and support our clients in medical field in understanding critical reports and in eye, head tracking etc.

Our algorithms are generally connected to Image processing, pattern recognition and computer graphics which has the capacity to convert any normal image to geo-referenced 2D maps and 3D models that are extensively influencing many Real estate firms in terms of monitoring and analyzing sites.

Industries like agriculture, aviation and aerospace research has boosted their scopes in various levels with Iyantras’ algorithms which possesses the best visual recognition and motion detection technologies.  

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